Our delicious Tacos Grandes, Quesadillas and sides.
Our delicious Tacos Grandes, Quesadillas and sides.


La Neta for companies and private events.

Our packages include a mix of big tacos and quesadillas in medium size tortilla, both meat and vegetarian, guacamole with chips, and other complements such as salsas.

Below is an example of a typical offering for 20 persons, but we can adapt to different group sizes. If you are interested please fill the below form.



Served in wheat tortilla with cheese.

Gringa: Marinated pork with pineapple.

Alambre: Chicken filé w/ onion, peppers and bacon.

Chorizo: Handmade chorizo.

Hongos (V): Mushrooms, onion, garlic, chilli & coriander.

Frijoles (V): Refried beans, onion & chipotle.

Papa (V): Potato, chili, onion, olive oil & chipotle.



Taco Grande Gringa870,00 kr560,00 kr
Taco Grande Alambre870,00 kr560,00 kr
Quesadilla Chorizo942,00 kr378,00 kr
Quesadilla Hongos (V)942,00 kr378,00 kr
Quesadilla Frijoles (V)942,00 kr378,00 kr
Quesadilla Papa (V)942,00 kr378,00 kr
Guacamole + Corn Chips1065,00 kr650,00 kr

TOTAL (inc VAT): 3 282,00 kr

* Salsas and complements are included.

Frequently asked Questions​

1. Do you make deliveries?
No. But we can send a taxi at your expense if you cannot pick it up yourself.

2. What is the approx price per person?
It varies between 140-150 DKK.

3. Where is the food prepared?
The food is prepared at our restaurant and is packaged in such a way that it stays warm for about 1,5 hours.

4. How is the food served at the event?
We recommend to have separate trays for the different tacos/quesadillas. The complements such as the guacamole, chips and salsas are best served in bowls.

5. Until when do I have to confirm the order?
We appreciate if you can confirm asap but you can make the confirmation at least two days before the event. With larger groups (above 50) we need 5 days. The exact number of persons can be changed until one day before the event.

6. Can we pay by invoice?
Yes. We need the following information: Company name, address and CVR. Please also provide an email to send the PDF invoice.

7. Can we assemble the food ourselves?
We don’t recommend this because of the difficulty of heating and assembling the tacos outside of the restaurant.

8. Do you have vegan and gluten free options?
Yes, please ask for this when writing to us or check our menu page.

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