First time at La Neta?

La Neta is mexican slang for “The Truth” and here are some truths that we live after.


  • Hard shell tortillas are NOT tacos. Our tortillas, both corn and flour, are always soft and fresh!

  • Burritos = Tex-Mex and something that you will not find at La Neta ;)

  • Salsas - Without salsa, it’s not a taco! This is our motto! They are a must to our tacos and quesadillas and they are always included with your meal. Always made fresh each day. Do not miss the salsa station!


FAQ - Frequently asked Questions


  1. How much do you need to get full?
    Approximately 5 small tacos or 3 Quesaillas or 2 Taco Grandes

  2. Is it possible to mix from the different categories?
    Off course! Find your favorite and try something from every category if you like.

  3. Corn or Flour tortilla?
    We make both of them at La Neta, they are without preservatives and both delicious.
    The corn tortilla is GLUTEN FREE and vegan and is the most traditional one.
    The flour tortilla is made from our own recipe and we use the same ingredients they use in Mexico. Does contain butter, so it is not Vegan.

    Small Tacos: Always served on corn tortilla
    Quesadillas: Flour or Corn tortilla - you choose. Per default is flour tortilla.
  4. Is the food spicy?
    Not necessarily, you can decide the spicyness level yourself at the salsa station, where we have 3 levels of spicyness.


Can’t decide? Here are some tips!


Tacos - small tacos on corn tortilla is the most traditional item that you would find in Mexico and our most popular item. If you are going for the authentic experience, try these! Our Mix with one of each is very popular and a sure way to find your favorite.